Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A new way of seeing

Last month I had the privilege of participating the Traveling Lens Project. I thought it would be just the thing I needed as the daylight hours were beginning to wane, the view was starting to dwindle, and the opportunities for creative expression started spiraling towards their seasonal slumber. Well at least I think it's that way for me anyway.

Coincidentally, Lensbaby's tag, seeing in a new way, made me think about how when the seasons change I also need to make changes in order to remain sane. Can I get an “Amen”?

I recently read a post that mentioned four principles that will lead to breakthrough creativity. Goodness I’ll be happy to just “breakthrough” winter, ;) The four principles were:

1.    Relax
2.    Expose yourself to new ideas and new perspectives
3.    Get ideas crashing into each other
4.    Work Hard

It seems like winter is the time to experiment and/or change up the crafts for me. How about you? Do you find yourself diving into a new craft or revisiting one you haven’t touched in a long time? What new ideas or perspectives have you got in the works through these winter months (or spring depending on where you are located)? Are you planning on trying something different or maybe just crashing a couple of ideas and seeing what comes of it?

Since having played with the mobile Lensbaby for a week, I’ve been thinking about getting out my dslr Lensbaby. I will be doing that soon and from what I gathered from that post there’s no need for me to organize my brain since apparently that adds to my creativity ;) Thank goodness! Wish I could say the same for my bedroom closet!!

Meanwhile, sharing some “cutting room floor” shots I don’t think I shared on Instagram or with the Traveling Lens Project .

  (music credit: Brandon Heath)

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  1. All those traveling lens posts inspired me to pull my lensbaby out. It was kind of fun but I do not use it enough. These images are beautiful.