Monday, August 25, 2014

iPhone Photography and Apps

In the last couple of years cell phones have really improved the cameras.  That has created a little crutch for me.  I really neglect my DSLR.  I have suffered a little guilt over it. 

I have changed my view on this recently and decided to embrace my phone and the apps that are offered. My goal with photography has always been to express myself creatively.  I am going to venture to guess that I am not the only one that feels this way.  We can do this with our phones.

In all three of these photos I used the VSCO and Mextures apps.  It has been so much fun to see what I can create with them.

I'm curious.  What apps are you editing with?  What are your favorites?  Do you use editing tools?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Getting the nerves out!

I'm not sure if this will be an "inspirational" post or not, but I'd like to share my most recent experience because I think some may relate: 

Knowing that I had this blog coming up, and some pro-bono work at the end of the month, I brought my camera along with me for an afternoon at the park this past weekend. So, there I was clicking away at my children, trying out some different settings and making myself shoot entirely in manual. I was having fun (despite my daughter's lack of enthusiasm for the shoot) and totally in my element and comfortable. 

A nice family came up to me and asked if I was a professional photographer. I was confused at how to answer this one- what makes a professional? I don't do it for money, but I've come to know my camera pretty well in the past years and have taken a fair amount of portraiture sessions for others ...but of course I just say that I take pictures for family & friends, smile, and ask them if they wanted pictures taken. They told me that they had no pictures of their year old baby (I believe they were Amish so it shouldn't really surprise me but it totally did!) and asked if I could take one and mail it to them. Of course I was excited to do this for them and went about my work. During this photo shoot I was such a ball of nerves! I don't know if it was the fact that I wasn't prepared to take pictures for others that day or because I felt pressure since this really would be their only baby picture, or just basic lack of confidence in my skill...whatever it was, it was not the norm for me but at the same time it did give me a surge of energy! Afterwards, they were really excited to see the images in camera and even asked for some of themselves as a couple as well. 

When we were completely done, I practically ran to my car and it took me a bit to get back to my zen. I ended up having to wind down my day by taking some calming pictures of pretty flowers...phew, now I was back in my comfort zone! 

So anyways, after taking portraitures for people on and off over 3 years I still sometimes get pretty nervous, especially during the initial "icebreaker" stage. I'm attributing this partly to my personality- I don't really like to be 'front and center'; I'm definitely a more laid back kind of girl, (which I believe comes across in my photography), and partly to my limited experience. What I hope is that over more time my anxiety will recede so I can stop feeling like I'm "faking it" as a photographer and spend more time really enjoying the entire process with the people I am not familiar with. 

Does this resonate with anyone else here or are you all pretty comfortable behind those lens? Any advice for a rookie who hopes to overcome it one day? :) 

Thanks and have a great, hopefully sunny, week!